Lynda’s guide to looking fabulous over 50

Lynda shares her top secrets on looking fabulous whatever your age…

  1. Along with developing a thicker waist and a lower bust, as women get older they tend to be much more straight up and down and the tummy becomes one of the key problem areas. To accentuate the waist area and add definition, choose clothing such as belted macs or nipped in dresses which make the most of your best assets and create a great silhouette
  2. As women age, many are blighted by the dreaded bingo wings. Choose clothing with an elbow length sleeve to flatter upper arms and offer increased comfort, or failing that, slip on a fitted jacket over an outfit – hides the upper arm area and adds instant glamour to what could be a simple tee underneath
  3. Keeping up with current trends isn’t just for the younger generation, but mature women must remember to act their age when it comes to printed fabrics. While leopard print leggings might look great on a 20 year old, it might not have the desired effect now. Instead women should opt for a trend and add subtly to their outfit; for example, a leopard print scarf teamed with a simple black dress or pair of jeans would be a great take on this season’s hot looks
  4. A well-cut pair of trousers or jeans are wardrobe staples. Pay particular attention to the quality of the fabric and the waistline – leave the low rise hipsters to the youngsters and go for a higher waist alternative that is designed to flatter the more mature figure
  5. If you’ve got a good bust, then make the most of it, and if you’ve got good legs then show them off! The perfect way to do this is with a classically styled wrap dress – not too short, and not too low-cut, this style of dress offers the more mature woman the opportunity show off her best assets, while the wrap style nips in the waist to accentuate curves